The BIG Give

What is The BIG Give?

In the spirit of community and in keeping with the success of the Dallas BIG campaign, VisitDallas has created a platform to help local non-profit organizations participate and benefit from the success of the campaign. It's called the "BIG Give" and it comes to life in the shape of 6-foot B&G letters that function like a piggy bank. These letters give you the opportunity to raise money for your charity through donations from the community.

How does it work?

Each letter is constructed with drop slots on the sides, and clear PlexiGlass on the front so that the amassing of funds/objects is clearly visible. Letters can be filled with money, tokens, balls or other small objects of your choice to represent a monetary value. Trap doors on the backside allow the objects to be removed and the letters to be repurposed.

Can I make it my own?

While the construction of these letters prohibits us from being able to change the color of the letters on the outside, you can control the color and shape of the objects you use to represent your donations.

How much does this cost?

Since the goal of this set is drive charitable donations for your non-profit, we are only requesting re-imbursement on the cost to install and remove the set from your location. This is approximately $500. Please note, you're organization is responsible for sourcing and identifying the appropriate donation objects. VisitDallas does not fund this part of the program. Corporate sponsors may also be approached to help defray these costs.

How long can I use it?

The length of time you may use this set is largely based on demand, but should not exceed 1 month.

Waiver of Liability

VisitDallas is not responsible for security of the set or any donations made while the set is in your organizations possession. VisitDallas is not liable for any theft that could occur. It is the responsibility of the non-profit to insure and account for all donations received, as well as provide any necessary insurance or security while on site.