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Crystal City 1969

Sep 29, 2016 - Oct 16, 2016 @ Various Times

Cara Mía Theatre brings back this political tour de force just before the November elections. Written by Dallas natives David Lozano and Raul Treviño, Crystal City 1969 is based on the true story of Mexican-American students in south Texas who walked out of school and into civil rights and US political history. In 1969, students at Crystal City High School demanded that they be treated equally without prejudice. They were punished for speaking Spanish on campus, and forbidden to eat Mexican food in the cafeteria. They simply wanted what teenagers around the country wanted - to become a cheerleader, the homecoming queen, or a varsity athlete. However, these recognitions were almost exclusively reserved for non-Latinos while Latinos were punished for their culture. On December 9, 1969, student leaders Severita Lara, Diana Serna, and Mario Treviño led a walkout that transformed not only the local educational system but inspired their parents to run for political office.