Dallas' Western Heritage

Dallas offers visitors a unique blend of Southwestern warmth, cosmopolitan flair, Old West charm and modern sophistication.

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Start your western adventure

Trinity Forest Adventure Park

1820 Dowdy Ferry Rd.
Dallas, TX, 75217

Step back in time

Dallas Heritage Village

1515 S. Harwood St.
Dallas, TX, 75215

Follow in the Pioneer's footsteps

Pioneer Plaza

Corner of Griffin and Young Street
Dallas, TX, 75201

Everything is bigger in Texas!

Dallas Historical Society

Hall of State at Fair Park
Dallas, TX, 75315-0038

Visit the Ewing Mansion


Country Dining

Two-stepping time

Cowboys Red River

10310 Technology Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75220

Everybody needs a pair of boots

Wild Bill's Western Store

311 N Market St.
Dallas, TX, 75202

From Bonny & Clyde to JR Ewing

Dallas Tourist Information Center

Old Red Courthouse
Dallas, TX, 75202