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It's six feet tall, bright blue, and ready for close-ups. The B&G letters are prepared to make an appearance at your next event to promote Dallas as a top visitor destination and increase our army of ambassadors who spread the word that Big Things Happen Here. As the heart and soul of the Visit Dallas BIG campaign, the B&G sets have been in high demand at the city's most popular attractions over the past two years. Now your organization has the opportunity to become a part of the campaign.

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In Dallas, there's a BIG moment around every corner. That's why we're giving you the opportunity to bring the B&G sets to your businesses and events. However, to maintain the heart of our campaign, your event must meet several criteria before hosting a B&G.


Traditional Sets

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The BIG Give

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Raise money for a charitable organization of your choice with our clear, Plexiglass B&G set that functions as a piggy bank.

In the spirit of community and in keeping with the success of the Dallas BIG campaign, Visit Dallas has created a platform to help local nonprofit ogranizations participate and benefit from the success of the brand. It's called the "BIG Give," and it comes to life in the shape of B&G letters that function as a piggy bank. These letters give you the opportunity to raise money for your charity through donations from the community.

COST: $500 Additonal $125 for weekday after hours charge (deliveries before 8am or after 5pm) Weekend delivery: $600 - $800
HOW IT WORKS Each letter is constructed with drop slots on the sides and clear Plexiglass® on the front so that the amassing of funds or objects is clearly visible. Letters can be filled with balls, balloons, or other small objects of your choice to represent a monetary value. No liquids or hazardous materials are allowed. Trap doors on the backside allow objects to be removed and the letters to be repurposed.
SPECS & DETAILS Because the goal of this set is to drive charitable donations for your nonprofit, we are requesting only reimbursement on the cost to install and remove the set from your location. This is approximately 500%. Your organization is responsible for sourcing and identifying the appropriate donation objects. Visit Dallas does not fund this part of the program. Corporate sponsors may also be approached to help defray these costs. The length of time you may use this set is largely based on demand, but should not exceed one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the B&G set guidelines and requirements?

  • Place in a high-traffic area. Place the B&G set in an area that has a lot of natural foot traffic. Try to keep the B&G set outdoors, because it will be seen by more people and make better photos, unless the main attraction is indoors.
  • Find a photo-worthy spot. As you choose a location, ask yourself, "If the B&G set weren't here, would it still make a good photo?" That's how you'll know it's the right place to install the set. Avoid areas such as walls or corners, and show off places that make your venue special.
  • Encourage interaction. Be prepared to answer questions about the meaning behind the sets -- showing the world that BIG things happen in Dallas. Encourage visitors to share their photos on Facebook and Instagram by tagging #DallasBIG. Spread the word about the set on your social media account(s).
  • Keep the location consistent. Once you've installed the set, keep it in the same spot. This makes it easier for visitors who have heard about the set to find it and take a photo. Sets should be moved only by and approved vendor to prevent damage.
  • Report any damage. If the sets are damaged or if there is any visible wear and tear, please contact Visit Dallas immediately. The sets are part of the city's brand, and we will always want to make sure that they are in the best condition.

How much does each set weigh?

  • Traditional - 50 pounds per letter (100 total)
  • Custom Paint - 50 pounds per letter (100 total)
  • Custom Design - At least 50 pounds per letter. Exact weight depends on chosen design.
  • BIG Give - 745 pounds

How do I transport a B&G set?

Once your submission has been processed and approved, our team will set up a vendor to transport your B&G set to the correct location.

Are B&G sets allowed to be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes. But please see details of the BIG Give for specific information.

How long can I keep a B&G set?

Please see details of the BIG Give for specific information.

What happens if my B&G set is damaged?

Please contact Visit Dallas immediately if your B&G set is damaged in any way.

Can I design a B&G set of my own?

If you're interested in creating a custom set, please visit Custom Paint.

Ready for your BIG moment?

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