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BiG is about to get bigger

We’ve made B&G sets of all colors, shapes and sizes—a collection as vibrant and diverse as Dallas itself, all thanks to you. Over the years, this city has taken a simple advertising installation and breathed new life into it beyond anything we ever anticipated. It became more than a local and visitor engagement. It became a symbol of thousands of people amplifying their BIG Dallas moments; a rallying point for all the personality, flavor, and love that make Dallas such an incredible place to live and visit.

Now it’s time to make BIG bigger and better. To do that, we need to suspend further requests for B&G sets as we work on our next BIG move.

We can’t thank you enough for the outpouring of enthusiasm and excitement you’ve shown and shared for these iconic letters. Many cities have copied us, and that’s a good thing. We’re flattered. Your support is truly a testament to why BIG THINGS HAPPEN HERE.

Stay tuned for some BIG announcements!

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the Margarita Mile

Discover where to grab the coldest margaritas in Dallas!

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