Marketing & Communications - Executive Update
September 2016

  • Visits: 258,677/up 14 percent from Aug. 2016/up 7 percent YOY
  • Unique users: 229,066/up 13 percent from Aug. 2016/up 15 percent YOY
  • Pageviews: 506,977/up 8 percent from Aug. 2016/down 38 percent YOY

Social Media

Main Channels total: 197,032/up 5 percent from Aug. 2016

  • Facebook: 136,255 likes
  • Twitter: 33,622 followers
  • Instagram: 25,750 followers
  • Pinterest: 1,405 followers

PR Impressions

Monthly totals: 201,083,875

  • Print: 3,216,457
  • Broadcast: 1,628,850
  • Online: 196,238,568

PR Value

Monthly totals: 626,999.83

  • Print: $208,853.29
  • Broadcast: $361,600.57
  • Online: $56,545.97

Hotel Occupancy

As of September 24, 2016, room occupancy for the city of Dallas during the month of September was 72.1 percent/up 6.2 percent compared to last year.

Media FAMS

The Dallas CVB public relations team welcomed 18 media from France, Scotland and the United States in the month of September. Trips ranged from luxury to LGBT – showcasing Dallas' abundant diversity and hospitable spirit.

Press Trips

Sport & Style Magazine

Sport & Style, a monthly French magazine with more than 1.7 million readers, visited Dallas for an eight-page feature on the city from the angle of sports and art. Highlights included a private tour of AT&T Stadium's unique art collection and interviews with the curators and a variety of Dallas-specific spectator sport and athletic experiences.

The Good Life Magazine

The Good Life is a French business and lifestyle magazine that visited Dallas for a multi-page feature on the city, to include everything from industry to transportation to art. The publication sent a full team – two writers and a photographer – that conducted interviews with significant art collectors, chefs, public leaders and CEOs to gain a full understanding of Dallas' influence as an important international city.

Dallas Luxury Press Trip

In conjunction with CVB partners, the PR team planned and orchestrated a unique press trip featuring fashion influencers and national writers to experience luxury travel and shopping in Dallas – proving that Dallas is a city that will suit any travel interest. Six media experienced the best of the Dallas social and arts scene, luxury shopping, hospitality and hot restaurants.

Pride Press Trip

In honor of the Pride festivities in Dallas, four LGBT media from the United States and Canada visited Dallas to explore the city's rich LGBT heritage and visitor destinations. The press itinerary highlighted the city's Pride festivities, in addition to a robust line-up of attractions and restaurants. Media included bloggers, vloggers and traditional print writers.

New York Magazine

The CVB hosted a writer exploring Dallas for New York Magazine's Five Point Escape Plan feature, highlighting where to stay, where to eat and what to do in the city. The writer's recommendations are featured alongside expert tips from a notable local.

Scottish Sun

Exploring the state on a Texas road trip, the travel writer for the Scottish Sun had a brief but busy visit in Dallas, hitting all of a first-time visitor's must-see spots.

M (Le Monde)

M is a French weekly magazine supplement of the country's largest daily newspaper, Le Monde, that reaches nearly 16 million people. A writer for the magazine visited Dallas this month to produce a travel feature highlighting some of the city's hidden gems – restaurants, galleries and attractions that won't be found in the basic guidebook. The writer spent his time diving deep into Dallas' distinct neighborhoods, crafting a list of his favorite finds.

Dallas in the News

More than 60 notable clips garnered this month. Standouts include: