Short Film Captures the Spirit of Dallas Through Dance

DALLAS – (Dec. 15, 2016) – VisitDallas is thrilled to partner with visionary British director Jevan Chowdhury to produce Moving Dallas, an acclaimed short films project that celebrates the marriage of dance and transportation in Dallas. Capturing international performers in real settings, Moving Cities features cities through the medium of film and dance and the concept of shared space between city life, art and locomotion.

This year, Chowdhury selected Dallas as the latest Moving Cities project to showcase the city's vibrant growth, amazing architecture and rich cultural landscape of working artists. The first American city to be featured, Dallas joins cities such as London, Prague, Athens, Brussels and Paris in the Moving Cities movement.

"There's no better time to explore the cultural heart of America," Chowdhury said. "Dallas, a mythical city rich in American legend, has accelerated full speed into this century. Big cars, trucks and skylines – it truly is a stage for amazing dance talent."

Moving Dallas premiered at the VisitDallas Annual Meeting on Dec. 1 and will be shown at art and film festivals around the globe, where these stunning films have been celebrated and awarded, including at the Aurora public art event in Dallas.

"We're honored that Moving Cities chose Dallas as their first film project in America," said Phillip Jones, President and CEO of VisitDallas. "It makes perfect sense. We have the largest contiguous arts district in the United States and a rich diversity of people, dance styles and cultures. It's a modern and moving demonstration of Dallas' performing arts scene."

Using Chowdhury's trademark kinetic cinematography, Moving Dallas marries classical ballet, line dancing, contemporary dance – and even cheer – with the iconic Dallas cityscape, hidden streets, freeways and Fair Park, all showing the vibrant, exciting energy that is Dallas.

The almost eight-minute film features the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Bruce Wood Dance Project, Dance Council of North Texas, TITAS and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, among others.

"The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are thrilled to have been chosen to represent Dallas in Moving Cities," said Shelly Bramhall, Associate Choreographer. "We love that the iconic uniform was taken out of the stadium and into the cityscape of downtown Dallas, showcasing the art and movement of dance. Being one of several established performance groups on this project is truly an honor."

The project was sponsored by VisitDallas and executed by a steering committee that was instrumental in bringing the film to fruition.

"Moving Cities celebrates our city like never before," said Charles Santos, Executive Director of TITAS and steering committee member. "Our skyline, ever evolving with cranes and buildings, big personalities and big ideas – this film pays homage to the diversity and excitement of growing Dallas."

Shot during three grueling weeks in the blazing heat of Dallas September weather, the film features 17 locations and 56 dancers from 10 dance companies and organizations.

"When people think of Dallas they tend to think of us in only one way, and we wanted to show off the breadth of Dallas dance, from folklorico to classical Indian to hip-hop," said Gayle Halperin, steering committee member and President of the Bruce Wood Dance Project. "This film shows our city in a completely different light – showing expression, energy, progress, change, diversity. I've never seen a city through dancers' motion, and it just graced everything so beautifully."

Chowdhury founded Moving Cities in 2014. It stems from his love of dance and fascination with the standardization and mechanization of cities. The project has transformed from a cultural European initiative to an award-winning global inventory with productions in Nairobi and Barcelona planned for 2017.

Cities are mesmerizing. Moving Cities celebrates this. See Moving Dallas on the VisitDallas website.