See Dallas through Film and Dance


Moving Cities: Dallas showcases the art photographs and film that juxtapose Dallas' world-class dance performers with the city landscape. The featured short film and a collection of stunning photos combine Dallas' outstanding performing artists with the culture, prestige and urban modernism of the city. Moving Cities: Dallas captures the dancers performing in a wide variety of locations across Dallas, celebrating their unique talent and Dallas' diverse landscape. The production took place in 17 Dallas locations, featuring 56 dancers from ten different dance organizations.


The Dallas Talks series introduce the talented dancers of Moving Dallas. These intimate interviews give a unique insight into the emotional connection the performers feel towards the city. They reveal what Dallas means to them and how, through movement, they've portrayed the city's unique spirit.  

The films were created by Jevan Chowdhury and his production company Wind & Foster in London, England. He was "fascinated by Dallas' openness, energy and optimism" but most significantly it was "Dallas' people" that most intrigued him. With this series he wanted to explore the essence of Dallas through movement and along the way, discover the people who call this city their home. The Talks offer a rare and personal glimpse into the relationship between the city of Dallas and the humans who engage with and experience it everyday.  

Commissioned by VisitDallas, Moving Cities: Dallas is seventh in an ongoing collection of short films by the award-winning London-based artist Jevan Chowdhury, using dance to present 21st century global cities. To find out more about the global project please visit 

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