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New and Now

You think you know Dallas - but this city is always changing. There's always something new to see, something tasty to try and somewhere new to explore. We're making it easy to find the latest and greatest in Dallas with our latest series. 

This is New and Now: Season 1


Season 1 

Episode 2: Hall Arts Hotel  

One of the newest hotels in the Dallas Arts District is just as much a hotel as it is an art museum. Every guest room and hallway features local artists' work, and the beauty spills out into every corner of the hotel. The creativity continues in Ellie's Restaurant, the hotel's main dining option named after hotel developer Craig Hall's late mother. Head up to the rooftop pool and gardens for a view of Downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum. 



Episode 1: Museum of Illusions 


You won't believe your eyes…rather, you'll find you can't trust your eyes! This new attraction in Dallas' Historic West End is unlike any science museum or Instagram museum you've seen before.

Why the Museum of Illusions is no fake:

  • Experiments and photo ops collide here. Colors change, floors are tilted and the world turns a little upside down! Test both your balance and your photography skills in one place.
  • Into logic games and puzzles? This is your place. Test your friends to see who can solve puzzles and illusions first. Can't figure them out during your visit? Check them out in their gift shop, take them home and work on it until you get it!
  • It's not a timed experience. If you want to play around in the color-changing lights or if you're determined to stay and conquer one of the mind-bending puzzles, you can stay as long as you need!
  • Good for all ages and stages. Kids and adults alike will enjoy illusions of all kinds.
  • It's not a pop up! This museum is here to stay. The location alone is worth the visit with how much the West End is always growing, changing and adapting.