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Bleisure: An Increasingly Shiny Gem In Planner's Toolbox

APR 2017

Bleisure – the blending of business and leisure trips – is an increasingly shiny gem in the planner's toolbox. According to Travel Weekly's 2016 Consumer Trends report, the percentage of leisure trips that have a business component jumped to 17% this year, compared with 11% in 2012 and 14% last year. 

How can planners optimize bleisure travel to increase event registration and engagement? Here are a few tips…

Engaging Millennials
Bleisure travel is especially popular among the millennial generation. Event attendees under the age of 25 are two to three times more likely than older attendees to add a weekend to his or her business trip (Carson Wagonlit Travel). Satisfy this key demographic's passion for travel and experiences with unique and compelling add-on activities.

Much Needed R&R
Bleisure trips help stressed-out professionals take the time they need to relax and renew. Savvy planners can engage these busy attendees with attractive pre or post event activities. For attendees who do not spend enough time with their significant others or families, planners can pitch their exhibitions and conferences with an itinerary that includes exclusive family-friendly activities and appealing tourist attractions. VisitDallas has powerful tools, resources and exciting pre-arranged itineraries that simplify and supercharge your pre and post event planning.

Let's Make a Deal
As planners build out their bleisure agenda, they can negotiate better pricing with hotels and larger discounts on travel and ticketing, transportation and other facilities. Hassle-free planning that attendees can easily book will not only help drive event registration, but will also entice delegates to unwind after the event. As an added bonus, if attendees are excited about the event, they become valuable marketing evangelists.

Informal Networking Opportunities
During an event's hectic scheduling and off-hour activities, busy professionals may have little time for networking. Even though many events have a cocktail hour, banquet dinner or off-site activity, some attendees may prefer additional, one-on-one time to deepen their relationships. Why not organize an additional day of optional and informal activities that allow delegates to connect even further? Think golfing, city tours or outdoor adventures with gear rentals.

Reach Out to Employers & HR Departments
When you're organizing an event as part of a corporate retreat or a sales-driven conference, it makes sense to reach out to attendees' managers and HR teams. Bleisure time is not only a compelling way to assist employees in their overall well-being but may actually qualify for part of a company's employee benefits package. More and more businesses are paying for their employees' bleisure time as an added incentive for a job well done. If your corporate clients do indeed have bleisure-friendly policies, ask that they help promote your event - and the bleisure options you have put together - for some extra marketing clout to boost event attendance.

To maximize event ROI, it's critical to offer attendees unforgettable experiences they can't find anywhere else. Bleisure opportunities can inject any conference or event with the creativity and enjoyment that enhances event performance and stimulates lasting engagement.

Brimming with exciting bleisure opportunities, Dallas, TX is the ideal destination for your next event.  For more information on planning your event and how to best incorporate the exciting multisensory strategies mentioned above, visit or call our planning partners at 800-232-5527.  We look forward to hearing from you!