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Events that Engage the Senses – Find out How!

MAR 2017

There's more to an effective meeting than meets the eye. There's also what meets the ears, nose, fingers, and tongue.  In the words of Maya Angelou: " People will forget what you said and what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 

Activated senses can trigger memory and emotion and, as savvy planners are discovering, can also inspire, excite and create a powerful platform for maximum engagement and learning retention.  This is where multi-sensory events come in!


Planners can enhance the look and feel of their meetings through an array of cost-effective strategies, from mood lighting to high-impact projections and visual illusions.  Projection mapping, projecting 3D images and shapes onto fixed objects, complements and enhances content, delivering an unforgettable 'wow' factor.

Instead of the standard, stress-inducing fluorescent lights that most corporate events guests are accustomed to, choose a space that allows for a distinct mood and dynamic atmosphere, including creative lighting and striking visual décor.

Impress your guests with optical amusement, including social media-synced photo booths, slow-motion videos and time-lapse photography. 


To create the ideal audio experience, you must first understand your target group.  An easy way to appeal to specific audiences is to create a Pandora station that resonates with the demographic and overall tone of the event.

Live music, although typically more expensive, has amazing experiential impact.  Because of the deep connections between sound and emotion, a live performance can set the tone of your event.

Consider adding creativity to your meeting speaker line up with storytellers or creative DJs. Ted Talk formats, typically 17 minutes or less, also encourage fresh and focused communication.


Most event planners are familiar with craft beers, but craft cocktails are also gaining in popularity, especially among those who prefer to sip something lighter than the latest local IPA. Talented mixologists can design custom cocktails just for your event, or one-of-a-kind beverages based on each guest's individual tastes.

Although organic and healthy is the trend du jour, sweet indulgences (in moderation, of course) are always appreciated. Across the country, local candy boutiques and specialty bakeries are impressing with sweet, custom-flavored candies, cupcakes and other treats that attendees can't help but sample. 

More than ever, guests want to experience tastes of the destination. Planners are frequently incorporating local ingredients into the menu, inviting local breweries or wineries to do a pairing or tasting, or featuring a guest chef who uses locally sourced ingredients.  Trinity Groves, a unique Dallas destination, is an exciting culinary incubator that provides a wide array of sensational cuisine – including Spanish Tapas, Middle Eastern, Latin-Asian fusion, Central-American, Italian, and sushi and more. In addition to restaurants and retail, Trinity Groves features a microbrewery and a culinary events center, which engages the senses via art and theater shows, live musical performances and chef cook-off competitions. 


Smell, the only sense that is directly related to the emotional part of the brain, generates the strongest ability for recall.  To maximize this sensory goldmine, many planners are working with venues to select custom fragrances for their events. 

Some planners like to incorporate hints of lemon, lavender or peppermint to relax attendees and stimulate the brain for intellectual activity. As with music, scents used at a meeting can later be used in the workplace to trigger recall of meeting content and boost performance.

Also, scratch 'n' sniff stickers are making a comeback. The new version of this nostalgic technology brings us interactive scratch 'n' sniff wallpaper, which can be customized to showcase the scents of your choosing. For example, an event near the coast could showcase local aromas of fresh green grass, salty ocean waves and smoky beach bonfires. 


Incorporate tactile indulgences and interactive activities to ensure that your guests are "feeling" the event.  From 'paint lounges' where delegates can release their inner Picasso on easels during lunch, to interactive whiteboard and 'sticky note' wall technology, it's all about getting audiences as hands on as possible and moving away from traditional sedentary conference and event experiences.

When planning the physical space of your event, it's important to choose furniture and décor that suit the event visually, yet also support the tactile needs of your guests. Everything from flooring, work surfaces and seating should be evaluated for how comfortable they are and how easily they promote networking and engagement.

Dallas, TX is the ideal destination for your next event.  For more information on planning your event and how to best incorporate the exciting multi-sensory strategies mentioned above, visit or call our planning partners at 800-232-5527.  We look forward to hearing from you!