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Green Meetings

Go Green! Tips on Making Your Next Event More Sustainable....

Around the world, everybody's going green. More and more, savvy planners are recognizing the importance of sustainability in event planning and marketing. In fact, organizations like The Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) promote best practices for planners like you seeking to balance your clients' environmental, economic, and social concerns with a well-organized event.

     • Clients demand it. More and more, sustainability and green considerations are a contract requirement.

     • Attendees are increasingly eco-friendly and many expect their events to be environmentally conscious.

     • Going green helps to ensure the reuse and recycling of materials, avoids creating excessive waste, and can reduce your event's carbon footprint.

     • It's cost effective. Many of the promotional and organizational tools for sustainable event marketing utilize online, eco-friendly electronic marketing and social media tools to promote and publicize green events. This reduces printed materials and can reduce the costs of your event.

To help the Earth AND your budget, here are a few tips for making your next event more sustainable....

     • Select hotels and suppliers with green policies and practices

     • Host all multi-session meetings at a central location to limit transportation needs

     • Minimize paper with digital invites, online event registration and electronic follow-up

     • Utilize double-sided printing for all collateral and meeting related materials

     • Print graphics, flyers, handouts and banners on recycled materials

     • Clean up your mailing lists. Millions of advertisements and mailings go out to bad addresses each year.

     • Give recycled materials precedence when making meeting supply purchases

     • Decrease the use of paper and plastic by using real plates and cups for all food and beverages

     • Select buffet style menus and donate leftovers to eliminate waste

     • Coordinate with venues to use bulk dispensers for all food and beverage

     • Encourage speakers to use electronic means of presentation

     • Choose a venue with an in-house recycling program and encourage recycling

     • Use whiteboards instead of flip charts

     • Go with LED lighting for advertising displays, banners and billboards. LED lights deliver all the lumens you'll need at a fraction of the power consumption of tungsten or halogen lights.

Going green is easy in BIG D! Dallas, TX is the first city in the United States to be ISO 14001 certified across all major operations. ISO 14001 is an international environmental standard, which sets environmental goals for organizations and communities to exceed environmental compliance and reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.

In a world where green is the new black, Dallas takes our environmental commitment a step further-to silver. As one of only a handful of U.S. LEED Silver and ISO 14001 certified convention centers in the nation, our dedication to resource conservation, sustainability, source reduction, and waste diversion is standard operating procedure. Across the city, green initiatives are establishing precedents. Learn more about our green initiatives and how easy it is to plan your next sustainable event in Dallas, TX.