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Top 8 Buzz-Worthy AV Trends

MAY 2016

Big D Rewards

Over the past few years, meeting and event planners have witnessed amazing advances in AV technology. Beyond classic audio/visual equipment, the term "AV" has come to mean much more. From event design to content management, these technologies not only streamline event execution, but they also create a more personalized, engaging and immersive experience for attendees. And the more engaging the event, the more likely your attendees will remember – and act upon – your key messages long after the event is over.

Below are 8 AV trends that are creating buzz…

4K Resolution - also called 4K - is the latest in high-resolution technology. The term 4K refers to video signals or images with a horizontal resolution of roughly 4,000 pixels, producing a superior display to HD (High Definition). With such a crisp, ultra-high-definition image, attendees will feel as though they are being immersed in the vision. This technology is perfect for video content, product launches and speaker presentations.

Touch-screen technology can transform how attendees access data. This feature is ideal for information kiosks at a meeting, or in workshops and sessions. With multiple touch points on the display screen, several people can simultaneously access unique information without interfering with one another. 

Multi-image display presentation software enables content to be run on multiple projectors or other display devices like video walls, plasma screens, etc. Meeting planners can create a fully-orchestrated, multi-image presentation that not only informs, but also engages on a whole new level. This technology allows planners to place visual content on any screen at any time.  This enhanced presentation capability gives speakers greater opportunities for content display.

Projection mapping can transform 2D spaces into something magical and experiential. While projection mapping has been around for years, it has recently evolved from flat-surface mapping to mapping onto multi-dimensional objects or structures. Today's mapping technologies can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display, creating illusions of depth and movement - transforming even the gloomiest venue into a visually inspiring experiential space. This technology is ideal for enhancing an outdoor venue for an evening reception.

Lampless, laser-based projectors are quickly outpacing traditional lamp devices. Not only are lampless projectors more reliable, they also provide advanced capabilities, such as 4K resolution. For higher-end environments, like corporate offices and event venues, lampless will become the way to go.

Interactive devices enhance the entire event experience. Attendees are increasingly comfortable with - and even reliant upon - interactivity in their day-to-day lives, including on their smart phones and tablets, at home, at work and while shopping. Some popular interactive devices are touchscreen way finding kiosks, interactive whiteboards, and multi-user video walls.

Beacon technology has the potential to convert Big Data into real-time engagement. Beacons interact with smartphone apps to recognize when an attendee is approaching and then provides targeted offers and enables seamless access to products and information. Beacons create a more personalized experience for event attendees and provide relevant marketing messages based on the person's location in the event space.

LED displays are capable of providing general illumination, such as stage lighting or other decorative uses, as well as visual displays for informational purposes. LED has become thinner, more flexible, lighter, brighter, and more cost effective over the years and brings full motion and interaction to what was once a flat one-dimensional sign. The overall cost and weight could be somewhat prohibitive on a larger scale, but in the future, all signage will most likely be replaced with LED panels.

The Dallas CVB has access to these and other innovative AV solutions. Contact our planning partners today for ideas and assistance in making your next event in Dallas a true showstopper!