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Will Technology Kill the Face-to-Face Meeting?

With so much innovation in tech, many experts wonder if more cost-effective virtual meetings and other communication technologies will eclipse the traditional face-to-face events and conferences. Rest assured! Although technology is indeed changing some of the ways (and channels) by which we communicate, there are still some constants that bode well for the future of events.


The ROI on Face-to-Face

The numbers are in! Maritz Global Events found convincing evidence that in-person meetings deliver substantial ROI.

  1. More than 75 percent of customers either require or prefer in-person event. 
  2. Prospects are more than twice as likely to become new customers with an in-person event.
  3. While virtual opportunities are emerging, 85 percent of corporate executives perceive virtual meetings and teleconferences to be less effective than in-person options.
  4. 73 percent of executives believe meetings have a significant impact on employee performance.
  5. 93 percent of executives say face-to-face meetings and events improve their ability to close deals.


Social connection is a basic human need

Humans are social creatures. We like to get together and crave face-to-face opportunities. This basic biological drive will continue to bring people together for face-to-face events of some form for as long as we roam this planet.


Tradeshows and exhibitions are valuable marketing vehicles

Unlike commoditized products, whose sales process is easily automated online, highly service-oriented business (such as the travel, convention centers and meetings management) relies on people to deliver the product. Tradeshows and exhibitions are a fantastic way to meet these service providers and gather data in a condensed, time-efficient and cost-effective manner.


People (especially Millennials) view destination business travel as a job perk

Travel broadens horizons and offers exciting opportunities to experience cultures, cuisine, new ideas and more. Off-site meetings allow people to get away from their day-to-day routine and explore new worlds. This not only stimulates creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, but also enhances team member satisfaction and engagement.


Live face-to-face events are actually more efficient

Webinars and other virtual meetings are great for a quick information exchange, but with today's multi-tasking, short attention spans, thirty minutes to an hour is usually the maximum you can expect someone to pay attention while sitting in front of a monitor. Face-to-face meetings, on the other hand, minimize distractions and take people to a more focused place. As long as people are informed, entertained and fed, event hosts can keep people engaged for days. Also, the opportunities for networking, brainstorming, and relationship building are usually far greater at face-to-face events than online. To put it another way, there is no such thing as a virtual cocktail hour!

Simply put, face-to-face meetings provide opportunities for people to truly connect and conduct business efficiently and effectively.

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