Convince Your Boss

You're convinced that you want to attend the 2020 Customer Service Master Class:It's Hospitality Y'all, now it's time to convince your boss! Don't worry, we've got you covered. Customize this letter to help your manager understand why you should apply to attend this year's event. 


Dear (Manager Name):

Hospitality industry experts, VisitDallas and Southwest Airlines have partnered to host the annual Customer Service Master Class: It's Hospitality Y'all on March 6, 2020 to train frontline hospitality employees on how to best deliver on customer experience. The immersive one-day event brings together everyone from restaurant service staff to hotel front desk employees to learn from other Dallas-based company leaders who are making an impact in our city and industry.

This Master Class is only open to 300 frontline personnel. By supporting my participation at the Customer Service Master Class, I will continually grow my customer experience and hospitality expertise so I can advance our organization.

Top 5 Benefits of Attending:

  1. Discover new ways to deliver exceptional service. Through exciting keynotes and breakout sessions, I will learn innovative methods to deliver top-tier customer experiences.
  2. Meet and learn from top hospitality professionals. Southwest Airlines is known for its excellent customer service. By learning from top customer service leaders, I will gain expert knowledge on best hospitality practices and trends.
  3. Networking with hospitality peers. This training is geared toward frontline employees, which will allow me to network with my industry peers to discuss common hospitality issues, as well as find solutions to (insert a current issue your company is currently dealing with).
  4.  Influence our team. With this one-day experience, I will learn thoughtful and creative techniques to implement at (insert company name).
  5. Top value training. This one-day training features interactive breakout sessions and keynote lessons from game-changing hospitality experts at no cost to our organization.

I am willing to discuss this request and answer any questions you may have. I believe this training will add value to my professional growth, our organization's success and Dallas' hospitality industry. 


(Insert Your Name)