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Mecum Auctions, the world leader of collector car and vintage and antique motorcycle sales, rides into Dallas!

Visit Dallas Staff
Posted on Nov 2, 2016


If you love everything car (and motorcycle!), don't miss the finest dream rides featured at the Mecum Auction Nov 2-5. held right here in Dallas. You can see the auction details here, but read on for some insider scoop!

How is the Dallas auction different from other cities?

Dallas is one of the largest auctions (the fourth or fifth, depending on the year). Plus, very few of Mecum Auction events can have all cars under one roof in one large convention center, which makes this one unique. Regardless of weather, people can stay inside and it's a big advantage. 

How does it get set up?

When cars arrive, they go through an inspection, which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle. After inspection, the gas is syphoned out only leaving a minimal amount, then the cars are moved onto the floor. There are four auctioneers who rotate out every 30 minutes (to rest their voices). The lead auctioneer is Mark Delzell, who has only missed one auction in Mecum's 29-year history!

How many cars are there?

Mecum Dallas 2016 features an estimated 1,000 American muscle cars, classics, Corvettes, hot rods, Resto Mods, and more with consignments coming from 30 states.

What else is there?

They'll do 50 to 100 pieces of road art before the auction starts every day. You can snag cool unique finds like neon gas station signs, kiddie cars, traffic lights, or even a Cadillac couch!