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Try these five restaurants at The Statler Hotel

The recently renovated hotel is a booming dining hotspot. Here's an inside scoop on the five restaurants in the hotel.

Devon Yarbrough
Posted on Nov 30, 2018

1. Overeasy
If you're craving breakfast food, then Overeasy is your spot. The casual, trendy diner serves all-day breakfast and brunch plates, including biscuits & gravy, omelets, fried mac-n-cheese and even has an expresso bar. The diverse menu and cheerful impression make it a fantastic place to start your day or have an afternoon pick-me-up bite.

Try this: The 5 Way Deviled Egg Flight puts a twist on the delicacy by adding brisket, roasted peppers and more.

2. Scout
Scout's sharable bites, various games and vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect setting for an exciting meal out with friends. Ranging from upscale to traditional American cuisine, choose from dishes like pan roasted chicken or burgers and fries. Or have one the various featured cocktails like the Hummingbird or Frozen Paloma, then challenge your friends to a game of foosball, ping-pong or even bowling.  

Try this: The 7 layer dip is the perfect blend of savory and sweet. Or try the buffalo chicken wings for a small but flavorful bite.

3. Bourbon & Banter
Just like the name suggests, Bourbon & Banter is a cool place for a drink and an evening to catch up with friends. Designed as a speakeasy, the underground lounge is only accessible through a telephone booth in the hotel, adding to its chic and sophisticated charm. Plus, with a fully stocked library of bourbons and bar food, ranging from cheese boards and pan con tomate, Bourbon & Banter has all the ingredients for a great cocktail and great time.

Try this: The Pompadour – the bourbon and vanilla cocktail includes a tiny hammer for a worthwhile hands-on experience.  

4. Fine China
Dine at Fine China and enjoy new takes on classic Chinese dishes, such as the Dan Dan Noodles or the spring rolls, while admiring the modern-styled décor. With communal tables and large dishes, Fine China has meals to share for a collective dining experience.

Try this: The Cantonese Roast Duck is the star of the menu from its taste to its presentation.

5. Waterproof

Offering a stunning rooftop view of Downtown Dallas, Waterproof is a sunny oasis. The beach-themed lounge features indoor and outdoor space for a relaxed night out. Sip on a frozé and munch on chips and queso while enjoying the resort-style service.

Try this:  The chicken sandwich for lunch or the Water Front for an after-hours cocktail.