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A Day in Dallas: Jeremy Biggers

Through the lens of one of the city's most talented creative.

Dalila Brent
Posted on Aug 21, 2020

When you think what your perfect day is like, what does it include? Good food? Quality time with friends? This is something we asked Jeremy Biggers, a Dallas-based artist and creative whose repertoire includes everything from painting to photography. While Biggers' work has been sprinkled all over the city, the majority if his time is spent at home with family. Here's a look at Jeremy's perfect day in Dallas!

Photo credit: Jeremy Biggers

Morning: "My days are so atypical, so anytime I get to spend with my 2-year-old daughter and wife is always a great start to the morning," Biggers said.  "Waking up, watching a little TV with them." For Biggers, being inspired by the space he lives and spends an ample amount of time in is very important. So is supporting local artists. "My wife and I believe there's a lot of world-class art here in the city so we're real good about making sure we buy art from people here. Most of the art we have in our home is from people we know personally." Those artists include Hatziel Flores – who Biggers teamed up with for the popular mural of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, which can be viewed in Oak Cliff's Gendale Shopping Center – and Carlos Donjuan who works with the Dallas-based collective – Sour Grapes Crew. 

Afternoon: When venturing out for lunch, Biggers and his family opt for Vegan Food House. "We got that recommendation from a friend of ours who is vegan and started going there," Biggers said. "Their food is amazing." Biggers also enjoys visiting different art galleries with his daughter, including Dallas Contemporary and Conduit Gallery. Back at home – where he's turned an extra bedroom into a studio – an afternoon creative session is common. "Making time to create is important, usually whenever my daughter is down for her nap." 

Evening: Towards the end of the day, Biggers spends time roaming the streets of Dallas – particularly Deep Ellum. "Sometimes I hit Off the Record or Club Dada," Biggers said. As for food after the fun, "Velvet Taco is probably our go to, or we'd hit Mama Mia's in Deep Ellum." 

Photo Credit: Demetri Sheffield

The world has been turned upside down since March, and as a result it's been taking a toll on us in more ways than one. And it's something Biggers and his family is being cautious about. "With everything going on in general – COVID and police brutality – it's been really important for us to protect our mental health and make sure we're not over consuming," Biggers said. "It's affected me creatively and the amount that I'm creating because I have so much on my mind."

As a result, Biggers has been finding ways to decompress. "We've been going on walks together as a family. Even personally, so we can give each other time away from each other, I'll walk around Deep Ellum or Downtown by myself and shoot some photos randomly. My wife's way to decompress is playing Call of Duty when I leave."

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Header photo credit: Daniel Driensky