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How to Be Emo, Screamo and Punk in Dallas this Summer

Tease that hair, buckle those studded belts and lace up your Dr. Martens. Here is how to stay emo in Dallas.

Andrew Vela
Posted on Jun 6, 2022

Sometimes music is the best way to reminisce. It can be easy to forget about the glory days living in 2022. You may ask, what exactly were the glory days? The glory days were when Hot Topic thrived, and their TV screens were jamming the latest hot tracks from MTV or Vans Warped Tour. It was when you wandered the halls of high school with your headphones on singing My Chemical Romance or The Cure to your heart's content. Those days. Let's bring things back full circle. You'll be surprised how much of a throwback city Dallas can be. Here's an expansive guide to all things emo, punk and screamo in Dallas.


Let's talk about concerts and festivals

There are so many ways to see your favorite post-punk, pop-punk and screamo bands in Dallas. This is the perfect time to start building your itinerary since many tours are about to start. Here are just a few coming to town. 

July 12 – Sad Summer Festival

August 1 – Rise Against, The Used, and Senses Fail

August 8 – New Found Glory

August 26 – Dashboard Confessional with Cartel

September 3 – Peter Hook And The Light (my favorite)

September 28 – My Chemical Romance


How about remarkable cover bands?

Did you know Dallas is home to AMAZING cover bands? Here are just a few to keep an eye out for!

Definitely Maybe Oasis – This is Dallas' OFFICIAL, yes, official, Oasis cover band. I saw them at the Granada Theater once and let's just say, when they played Supersonic, my inner Liam Gallagher came out.

Van Full of Nuns – This is the perfect pop-punk cover band. They play originals and all the hits. Yes, all of them. Expect to hear My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, and much more. 

Panic – Sadly, The Smiths aren't around anymore. However, that doesn't mean you can't jam out to Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now or Still Ill anymore. Dallas has your premier Morrissey and The Smiths cover band.

Troublemakers – This is DFW's WEEZER cover band. This outfit puts on such a good show. Combined with energetic and accurate sound, they also put on a comedic presentation that is on par with Weezer.


Emo Hang Out Spots in Dallas

Can't make the show? No worries. Head over to Deep Ellum for your punk/goth bar fix. Here is where to go.

First up, PANOPTIKON. This is a great goth hot spot in Deep Ellum offering an industrial vibe with live DJ performances spinning your favorite tracks. Another spot offering great music while mixing up your favorite cocktails is Punk Society. This lounge concept features a design inspired by the retro era of the Punk music scene. Catch Punk Rock Karaoke at Three Links on May 21. It's you, the mic, and your favorite tunes by the Clash, Sex Pistols, Misfits, David Bowie and more. Shot Topic, a new emo bar opening in Deep Ellum, can be your new go-to favorite spot to hear your favorite tunes and music videos from bands who headlined Vans Warped Tours of your youth such as Panic at the Disco and The Used as you sip on creative cocktails and have your friends write on your converse in black marker.


Other emo-filled-events to look forward to 

June 20 – Bayside and Thrice

July 16 – The Smiths, Morrissey, Depeche Mode tribute night

July 22 – Emo Night Tour