Nov 20 - Dec 07


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NEXT EXIT is an exhibition of work by emerging artists Trey Burns, Harris Chowdhary, Finn Jubak, that takes the legibility of Dallas's built environment as its subject. Burns presents a collection of interactive video and image objects; mining familiar landscapes and the banality of everyday encounters. Harris Chowdhary's commercial furniture catalogs likewise borrow from the everyday - this time the domicile of North Texas suburbs - to facilitate uncanny encounters with the imitation products of his childhood and family upbringing. Both Jubak and Molina-Garcia explore the glass armament of the Dallas skyline. Jubak's color photographs take on the vantage point of a pedestrian, condense the sprawl of downtown into glimpse exposing overlooked lines of sight. Molina-Garcia presents Omni Hack Prototype 1, a scale replica of the Omni Hotel programmed with his own messaging-- creating a parallel and more inclusive signage that challenges the assumed universality of the Omni's voice.


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ex ovo
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