Feb 26 - Mar 29

Gallery Show: A Narrative, Rewritten

Next: Tomorrow 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Umbrella Gallery


A new solo exhibition show from Hannah Aaron. Statement from the artist: My work is about reclaiming my feminine identity which had been previously shaped by societal pressures and experiences from childhood. I danced for nine years in ballet classes, which now serves as the source imagery for my oil paintings. As a young girl, I struggled with feeling "good enough".

The treatment of the slippers in my paintings are evocative of the obsessive perfectionism, crippling anxiety, and overwhelming pressure I felt in my youth. My affiliation between perfection, performance and intrinsic value followed me into adulthood, clouding my perspective of femininity. Describing boxing gloves serve as a counter perspective, sourced from Biblical scriptures. In a way, painting them serve as a form of therapy, prayer, and declaration of self-worth to my present reality.


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