Feb 29

An Inner Space Journey - Yoga Nidra Meditation + Gong Bath

Next: Tomorrow 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Unity of Dallas


This Inner Space Journey is the perfect experience for people who "can't" meditation. The Yoga Nidra narrative guides you to the depths of your consciousness as the gongs provide a rising and falling curtain of sound that wraps you in an acoustic wavefront that acts on every cell in the body. For the experienced meditator, Yoga Nidra Meditation provides access to the hypnogogic state, that brain state between waking and sleeping, that time when the brain waves are transitioning from active to quiet wakefulness to deep meditation.

And there, on the edge of sleep, the Yoga Nidra practitioner's conscious and subconscious minds synchronize and freely communicate. This Inner Space Journey begins with light movement to calm the body, then participants lay down, flat on their backs supported with blankets and pillows. Bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows to support your practice.


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Unity of Dallas
6525 Forest Ln
Dallas, TX 75230
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Single: $20; Couples: $35