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Sep 24 - Oct 01

AMOC Parking Lott Series: Agora Artists' Tether


Tether, a live dance performance created by Avery-Jai Andrews and Lauren Kravitz of Agora Artists, is the first event as part of Arts Mission Oak Cliff's Parking Lott Series. Five local dance artists explore themes of relationship, assistance, and allyship in a time when systemic racism is constantly exposed and challenged and physical contact is restricted. Performers navigate the parking lot while tethered by rope to a physical place or one another, entangled in a web of connection. How does one's individual history influence her role in this movement? How do we communicate with each other, both directly and indirectly, as we walk through the world? Performers will wear protective gear in accordance with current CDC guidelines, and music will be transmitted through the radio so audience members can enjoy the entire event from the comfort of their cars. Tether offers a safe gathering space to witness live art and an opportunity for paid work for a small group of local artists.


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Arts Mission Oak Cliff
410 S. Windomere
Dallas, TX 75208
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6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Daily between Sep 24 and Sep 26
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$15 one passenger, $30 2-5 passengers/car