Mar 24

Personificiations: A Coming of Age Story


In an unconventional approach to book signing, Norma reaches into her memoir and brings the Norma of each phase of her journey to life. In the one-woman format, Norma re-embodies herself as the six year old stuck in "The Retarded Class", and the precocious 10-11 year old who thinks "Smart is All I Got", experiencing her first tastes of classism and racism, soothing her young soul at what must be the last "Colored" water fountain. She is the sexually ambiguous, dark teen, searching for inclusion, only to "Upgrade: From Invisibility to a She-Dog in Heat", "Looking for God in All the Wrong Places". Norma revisits the night she became "19 and Pregnant", a single mom just trying to get it right, and ultimately evolves into a young woman who has come of age, a woman, mother, artist, and awakening soul who is finally "Audacious Enough". Appropriate for ages 14 and older, adult content and adult language.


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South Dallas Cultural Center
3400 S Fitzhugh
Dallas, TX 75210
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