Jun 06 - Jun 09

Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking


Louisville, KY based magician/autism rights advocate Cody Clark will be performing his one-man show Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking at the 2018 Dallas Solo Fest, a solo performance festival happening June 6th-10th at the Rosewood Center for the Family Arts. In his show, Cody uses the arts of magic, theatre, and storytelling to give audiences a first-person account of living with autism.  Since Cody feels that his autism causes him to see the world differently, he uses his magic to illustrate this to his audiences. His routines are placed within his life story, starting at birth and ending with his graduation from the University of Louisville. Audiences will get to join him in experiences ranging from visits to his Memaw's house to the pain of romantic rejection. Cody has been performing magic for thirteen years. He performs this show at theatre festivals across the U.S., including Orlando Fringe, the U.S.'s largest fringe festival, Kansas City Fringe, where his show won Best of Venue, and Pittsburgh Fringe, where he won the Spirit of the Fringe award. Aside from this show, he frequents the Midwest's monthly magic show circuit and performs a children's show themed to railroading called Conductor Cody. His entrepreneurial skills combined with his artistic take on magic led to the Society of American Magicians naming him their 2017 Rising Star of Magic at their convention in his hometown of Louisville.


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Rosewood Center for Family Arts
5938 Skillman St
Dallas, TX 75231
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