Aug 03

Rennie Harris Puremovement: Lifted!

Next: Aug 3 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Latino Cultural Center


Legendary Hip Hop choreographer Rennie Harris addresses morality, spirituality and community through his newest work. Lifted is based on the organic spiritual tapestry of House music and dance which is often referred to as going to "church". Joshua, the main character, has lost his parents and is sent to live with his uncle and aunt. Missing his parents, Joshua rebels against his uncle and aunt who forces him to go to church with the hope of giving him some sort of comfort in his time or mourning. Eventually Joshua gets involved with a band of pick pockets (B-boys) who are members of the church. Intrigued by the B-boys disregard for authority and their lifestyle, Joshua decides he wants to be one of them. But, in orde


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Latino Cultural Center
2600 Live Oak at Good Latimer
Dallas, TX 75204
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