May 24 - Dec 31

The Best of Uptown Dallas Nightlife

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Multiple Bars/Clubs in Uptown Dallas


Everyone knows about Bourbon St in New Orleans. 6th St in Austin, TX is just as infamous. But can you tell me where to go out in Dallas? Do you know what the hottest clubs are right now in Big D and where to find them? My name is Madison, and I love my city, especially its nightlife. Dallas is an overlooked gem with so many exciting things to do, and I want to share the fun part of Dallas with you! As a Dallas native, born and raised, I know all the best spots and hidden gems, including the nightlife. From pubs to clubs, let me make your night in Dallas unforgettable!


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Multiple Bars/Clubs in Uptown Dallas
3127 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201
Dallas, TX 75201
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