Jul 26 - Aug 05

James prince

Next: Jul 26 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Core Theatre


BROKEN SYMPHONY - A youth musical production The Core Theatre Penny, a fifteen-year-old freshman with grand expectations, needs a scholarship. She is putting all her money into college savings, but it just isn't enough. Just days after the start of first semester, an announcement is made. Scholarships are available to those who are willing to start an after school club? Thrilled, Penny decides to start her own club, and although nobody shows up the first day, by the end of the week, four people have joined; Jason, Zion, Jess and Celyna. Through the music club, they become fast friends, drawing strength from each other and from the music they create. Navigating the turbulent waters of high school, they battle against insecurity, tragedy, anorexia, and a teen pregnancy. The five of them learn that alone they may be broken, but together they are unbreakable.


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The Core Theatre
518 W. Arapaho Rd., Ste. 115
Richardson, TX 75080
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$10 - 20