Dec 06 - Dec 08

SvaBhava: Presented by Indique Dance Company


Svabhava is the intrinsic, essential nature of living beings. Human beings have the extraordinary ability and privilege to create meaning in their lives. But, how do we give our lives meaning? Many believe we give life purpose by aspiring to be better versions of ourselves, by developing our character. But what is our true nature? Is it what we are born with, what we become through experience, or what we strive to be? As a community, what are these ideals we choose to focus on? Many cultures from around the world have aspired to rid the mind, body, and spirit of selfishness, pride, and dishonesty exemplified in the way we treat others. This is a Bharatanatyam dance production based on these ideals, what it means to our fundamental nature, and how it affects our daily life.


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Hamon Hall - Winspear Opera House
2403 Flora St.
Dallas, TX 75201
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