Nov 10

Immune Deficiency Foundation Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency in Dallas

Next: Nov 10 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Town of Addison


The national nonprofit Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), is pleased to announce that Addison Circle Park will host the Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency. The event will serve as an opportunity to join the immunodeficiency community and raise funds and awareness about primary immunodeficiency diseases. All proceeds from the walk will benefit IDF. Primary immunodeficiency diseases, or PI, affect children and adults who are born with an immune system that's either absent or severely compromised, which leads to a greater risk of infections. In most cases, there is a pattern of chronic infections before PI is suspected. There are more than 200 types – some are relatively common and others are quite rare and while there are approximately 250,000 people diagnosed with PI in the United States, thousands more go undetected. Because PI can lead to serious and debilitating diseases, it's critical to get an early diagnosis and proper medical care.


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Town of Addison
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