Mar 30

Conjoined Rejoice | Al Taw'am - The Twins

Next: Sat 7:30 pm - 11:43 am

South Dallas Cultural Center


The nationally renowned, dynamic dance duo Al Taw'am comes to Dallas! As part of their continued journey to highlight the connections between movements and rhythms of the diaspora and the celebration of blackness as it pertains to women, Al Taw'am presents their two-part production "Conjoined Rejoice". This two-part production will showcase their piece "Essence", which captures the spirit of black expression and the majestic excellence of black women. Also, accompanied by Kenna Cottman, Al Taw'am brings to you their piece "The Village" highlighting the connections between Urban styles/Hip Hop and Traditional West African movements and rhythms.


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South Dallas Cultural Center
3400 S Fitzhugh
Dallas, TX 75210
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