Oct 14

Arts & Letters Live: Benjamin Moser


In Sontag: Her Life and Work, Benjamin Moser delves into the life of one of the most emblematic voices of the 20th century: Susan Sontag - novelist, activist, essayist, playwright, filmmaker, and one of the most influential critics of her generation. Mythologized and misunderstood, Sontag left a legacy of writing - on art and politics, feminism and homosexuality, celebrity and style, and more - that forms an indispensable key to modern culture. She was there when the Cuban Revolution began, and when the Berlin Wall came down; she was in Vietnam under American bombardment, and in New York with artists Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. Sontag: Her Life and Work explores the insecurity behind her formidable public face. Drawing from the writer's restricted archives, interviews with those who have remained silent on her until now (including Annie Leibovitz), and nearly 100 images, Sontag crafts a definitive portrait of one of the world's most towering intellectuals and brings her legacy to life for a new generation.


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