Sep 21 - Sep 22

Robert Deyber to Appear at Martin Lawrence Galleries Dallas Galleria Location on Saturday, September 21st


New Works by Robert Deyber, Exclusively at Martin Lawrence Galleries. Meet the Artist in Person at the Opening Reception on Saturday, September 21st at Martin Lawrence Galleries Dallas Galleria Location Martin Lawrence Galleries Dallas is one of nine world-class locations that comprise Martin Lawrence Galleries, the nation's preeminent network of fine art galleries, showcasing masters of the 20th and 21st century. Today MLG Dallas. Proudly announced it is presenting brand new works from renowned contemporary artist, Robert Deyber. Please join MLG on Saturday, September 21st for the unveiling of never-before-seen original paintings and limited edition works of art by Deyber, and get the chance to meet this uniquely talented artist in person. Robert Deyber is a visual raconteur who uses his paintbrush to bring familiar verbal expressions to the canvas in a most entertaining way. His original works are coveted by thousands of collectors across the country and


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Martin Lawrence Galleries
13350 Dallas Parkway
Dallas Galleria
Dallas, TX 75240
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