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VisitDallas connects your organization and services with the millions of people that visit our city each year. As the official marketing organization for Dallas, we work collaboratively to enrich the profile of our city and elevate our partner organizations. Through your partnership with VisitDallas, we highlight and deliver the best your organization has to offer.

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Photo of Renee McKenney

Renee McKenney Senior Vice President / Chief Experience Officer

Photo of Raul Santillan

Raul Santillan Sr. Partner Experience Manager

Photo of Steven Aydt

Steven Aydt Sales Manager, Experience

Photo of Veronica Torres

Veronica Torres Experience Director

Photo of Heather Walker

Heather Walker Director of Client Experience

Photo of Petre White

Petre White Associate Director, Client Experience

Photo of Maribeth Lysen

Maribeth Lysen Client Experience Manager

Autumn Childs Client Experience Coordinator

Photo of Dee Williams

Dee Williams Administrative Assistant

Assistant to Heather Walker, Petre White, Maribeth Lysen, Alicia Moneyhun and Deborah Wilson

Paige Nelson Administrative Assistant

Photo of Deborah Wilson

Deborah Wilson Client Experience Coordinator

Photo of Janice Adams

Janice Adams Tourist Information Center Manager

Photo of Sylvia Ray

Sylvia Ray Tourist Information Specialist