Jan 28 - Feb 18

Ochre House Theater Presents: DR. BOBAGANUS

Next: Jan 28 8:15 pm - 10:15 pm

Ochre House Theater


Ochre House Theater is pleased to present the premiere of an Ochre House Theater original, DR. BOBAGANUSH, written and directed by Matthew Posey. "These are dark times..."says Dr. Bobaganush, a mystic of the ancient arts, as he opens his traveling show, "Dr. Bobaganush And His Wonderful World Of The Bizarre And Macabre." The Nazis are on the rise. The systematic annihilation of Jews, Romas, Homosexuals, or any faction that does not fit the Third Reich's ideology of the Master Race, begins. During these unthinkable and horrifying times, Dr. Bobaganush heralds the cause to help the persecuted at a price larger than he can imagine. DR. BOBAGANUSH is a biting musical satire that delves into humankind's relationship to Fascism. Live original music, dance, new vaudeville, and spectacle, make up an evening of riveting theater. January 28 - Feb 18, 2017. Donate-What-You-Can Night on Mon, Feb 6, 2016.


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