Mar 28

Spirit of Salt Workshop - Personalize at Commerce


Thursday, March 28th is your night to make something from nothing. Heather Clark Lynn and her stunning illustrations make any medium come alive. She is the heart of our Spirt of Salt workshop. This is an intimate workshop designed for just 10 guests. Natural Canvas Clutches are chosen for you when you RSVP and they will be your canvas which you'll transform with the help of Heather Lynn Clark into a wearable piece of art. You can choose two ways to explore your creativity: Build off of a design she has started, or go wild with your own DIY dream in her calm and creative presence. Heather will guide you through the process of creating on canvas, how she discovered her love for this, and what it has come to mean for her. Bonus: The 10 guests will be the first to view Heather's limited edition one-of-one hand painted denim jackets sold only at Commerce. Heather's Instagram | @spirit.of.salt


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Commerce Goods + Supply
1321 Commerce Street
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