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Executive Office

Photo of Craig Davis

Craig Davis President and CEO

Photo of Dariela Esquivel

Dariela Esquivel Board Relations & Administrative Manager

Photo of Jessamin Santander-Gandara

Jessamin Santander-Gandara Administrative Assistant

Client Services

Photo of Heather Walker, CMP

Heather Walker, CMP Vice President of Client Services

Photo of Autumn Childs-Collins

Autumn Childs-Collins Senior Manager of Client Services

Photo of Paige Nelson

Paige Nelson Client Services Manager

Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office

Photo of Meg Gould

Meg Gould Assistant Director

Photo of Andrew Vela

Andrew Vela Project Specialist

You can call Alamo Drafthouse Andrew's second home. On any weekend you can catch him at an independent theatre, visiting record shops, and sipping on the best coffee brews in town. Got a tip on a new coffee or record shop that has opened? Send it his way!

Diversity and Inclusion

Photo of Cheryl L. Richards

Cheryl L. Richards Senior Vice President / Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Photo of Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez Senior Director of Community Impact, Equity & Public Affairs


Photo of Jill Larsen

Jill Larsen Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Jacqueline Rutledge

Jacqueline Rutledge Vice President of Finance

Photo of Barbara Altom

Barbara Altom Contract Administrator

Photo of Sheryl Budelier

Sheryl Budelier Program Administrator


Photo of Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker Senior Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Stephanie Faulk

Stephanie Faulk Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications

Photo of Diana Trujillo

Diana Trujillo Assistant Director of Digital Marketing

A UNT graduate, Diana has been with VisitDallas for six years. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new restaurants, watching The Bachelor, and reading psychological thrillers. She resides with her husband Nic and two dogs, Martin and Duke.

Photo of Kaitlyn Grekoff

Kaitlyn Grekoff Digital Marketing Manager

Kaitlyn is a Louisiana native who now calls Dallas home. On the weekends, she loves checking out farmers markets and skimming through secondhand shops. As a baseball enthusiast, she's always up for catching a baseball game with her husband, Andrew, at Globe Life Field and Dr Pepper Ballpark.

Photo of Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez Marketing Manager

Photo of Chelsey Norris

Chelsey Norris Communications Manager

Photo of Amanda Hyde

Amanda Hyde Marketing Manager

Photo of Kelsey Higham

Kelsey Higham Graphic Designer

Our resident french fry expert, Kelsey was born and raised in Dallas and proudly represents the L in LGBTQ+. She resides in the Bishop Arts District (within walking distance to some of her favorite fries!) with her dogs, Cersei and Emy Rey.

Photo of Grace Baird

Grace Baird Social Media Specialist

Grace loves exploring the diverse neighborhoods in Dallas from Lower Greenville to Bishop Arts. In her spare time, you can find her trying new restaurants (with a dirty martini in hand), walking on the Katy Trail, or on a mission to find the best matcha in Dallas. Have a Dallas restaurant you want to tell the world about? Send it her way!

Photo of Morgan Woodruff

Morgan Woodruff Marketing Coordinator


Photo of Raul Santillan

Raul Santillan Sr. Sales Manager, Partnerships

Raul has been with VisitDallas for 13 years and enjoys every aspect of the city he calls home. From assisting partners with inquiries to connecting them with new business opportunities. Raul enjoys the art of networking and providing VisitDallas partners with avenues to engage and succeed. You can always catch Raul enjoying a day out in Dallas with his family - if you see him out, say hi!

People Team

Photo of Lisa Welch

Lisa Welch Vice President of People & Culture

Photo of Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder Assistant Director of Human Resources

Photo of Tana Doughty

Tana Doughty Human Resources Coordinator

Photo of Romelia Morales

Romelia Morales Office Coordinator

Photo of Sam Dame

Sam Dame People Services Manager

Research & Information Technology

Photo of Michael Rudowski

Michael Rudowski Vice President of Research & Insights

Photo of Lee Boquet

Lee Boquet Director of Information Systems

Photo of Michaela Botts

Michaela Botts CRM Analyst


Photo of D. Bradley Kent

D. Bradley Kent Senior Vice President / Chief Sales Officer

Photo of Minnie Munoz

Minnie Munoz Vice President of Sales

Photo of Deborah Burleson

Deborah Burleson Director, National Accounts

Photo of Gayla Fussell

Gayla Fussell Director, National Accounts

Photo of Kevin P. Owens

Kevin P. Owens Director, National Accounts

Photo of Jennifer Bumbalo

Jennifer Bumbalo Regional Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic

Photo of Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion Regional Director of Sales - Western

Photo of Nora Gorman

Nora Gorman Regional Director of Sales, Midwest

Photo of Courtney McConnell

Courtney McConnell Regional Director of Sales, Mid Atlantic/Northeast

Photo of Vanessa Stewart

Vanessa Stewart Regional Director of Sales, Texas

Photo of Maylee Carr

Maylee Carr Senior Sales Manager

Photo of Jana Hofer

Jana Hofer Senior Sales Manager Speciality Markets

Photo of Melissa Feith

Melissa Feith Sales Manager

Photo of Nadine Taylor

Nadine Taylor Sales Manager

Photo of Sandy Galletta

Sandy Galletta Director of Sales Operations

Photo of Vicky Sosa

Vicky Sosa Event Manager

Photo of Daniel Castellanos

Daniel Castellanos Sales Site Manager

Photo of Ayron Leisure

Ayron Leisure Sales Coordinator

Photo of Sheresa Drake

Sheresa Drake Sales Administrative Assistant

Photo of Erica Trull

Erica Trull Sales Coordinator

Sports Commission

Photo of Monica Paul

Monica Paul Executive Director

Photo of Ginger Lively Cade

Ginger Lively Cade Director of Sales and Services

Photo of JD Wood

JD Wood Director of Business Development

Photo of Andrew Dockrill

Andrew Dockrill Director of Events

Photo of Alex Gilbert

Alex Gilbert Event Marketing Manager

Photo of Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson Sports Events Support Manager

Amber Billops Social Media & Marketing Intern

Sundai Gibson Event Management Intern

Travel Trade

Photo of Mark D. Thompson

Mark D. Thompson Sr. Vice President of Tourism & Operations

Photo of Liliana Rivera

Liliana Rivera Senior Director of Tourism

Photo of  Kristina Kirkenaer-Hart

Kristina Kirkenaer-Hart Director of Cultural Tourism

Photo of Oscar Vela

Oscar Vela Sales and Services Manager

Visitor Services

Photo of Daniel Rister

Daniel Rister Visitor Experience Manager