Dallas has staked claim as the Official Home of the Frozen Margarita! From classic recipes to hand-crafted unique creations, we left no bottle of tequila unturned in search for the most sought-after margaritas in Dallas.

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The Margarita Mile is a collection of the best and brightest margaritas in the city, conveniently located in a colorful app. Join Margarita Mile Ambassador and local Chef Julian Rodarte as you sip, savor and discover frosty beverages in Dallas' greatest neighborhoods.

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AT&T Stadium | Directions

The CowboyRita, at AT&T Stadium, is a frozen margarita featuring Hornitos 100 percent blue agave tequila. Rested in large oak vats for a minimum of two months to achieve a rich and complex true agave flavor, Hornitos Reposado was hand-picked by the Dallas Cowboys for its premium quality and smoothness.

The CowboyRita is served in a commemorative Cowboys-branded cup that fans can take with them to remember their day at the game!

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Revolver Margarita

Revolver Taco Lounge | Directions

If Revolver Taco's award-winning tacos don't do you in, just wait until you take a sip of their special Revolver Margarita. This classic margarita is made with fresh lime juice, simple syrup, orange liqueur and tequila blanco. ¡Salud!

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Liquid Nitrogen Margarita

Beto & Son | Directions

Welcome to Beto & Son's Nitro Alchemy Bar where you'll find the wildest table-side drinks in Dallas. Impress your friends and order the Liquid Nitrogen Margarita, which contains hand-selected Beto & Son Avion Resposado tequila, fresh lime juice, agave, orange liqueur and fruit encapsulated pearls. 

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Frozen Sunburst Margarita

Mariano's Mexican Cuisine - Dallas | Directions

Best known as the birthplace of the frozen margarita machine, innovation has always been at home in Mariano's kitchen since 1971. Rediscover new, fresh flavors with the signature Frozen Sunburst Margarita. This delicious margarita features tequila infused with strawberry and mango puree.

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Prickly Pear Puree Margarita

Get a taste of the Southwest with the fresh, invigorating flavors of Matt's Prickly Pear Puree Margarita. This go-to cocktail is made with Milagro silver tequila, real fruit prickly pear purée and home-made sweet and sour.

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The Rimy Rita

The Rustic | Directions

Kick back, relax and enjoy one of the best margaritas in the heart of Dallas at The Rustic. The frozen Rimy Rita is a fan favorite thanks to the perfect blend of Dulce Vida Lime tequila, raspberry liqueur, Cointreau, and a sangria popsicle for an extra pop of flavor!

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Roca Rita

The Tipsy Alchemist | Directions

The Loca Rita at Tipsy Alchemist is one masterfully made margarita. You'll want to savor every sip of this drink that features Piña Loca Pineapple tequila, triple sec, Jalepeno reduction, nitrogen cilantro, fresh lime juice and Peychaud's bitters.

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Summertime Sadness Margarita

Nickel and Rye | Directions

A McKinney Avenue favorite, take a sip of Nickel & Rye's Summertime Sadness Margarita. Served on the rocks, the jalapeno, mint-infused margarita is fresh and fun with a delightful hint of heat.

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Squozen frozen margarita

Jose | Directions

If you've been to José then you know they take their margaritas seriously. The Squozen frozen margarita features the most natural ingredients around including, Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice and organic golden light blue agave nectar.

Of course, you can't forget the salt. The rim is handsomely garnished with homemade WildWood Salt and topped with a lime wedge.

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