10 Ways to Incorporate Wellness at Your Event

More and more, elements that promote health and well-being are finding their way into meetings - influencing menus, activity options, venue decisions and even overall event design.

Posted on Oct 2, 2018

As a planner, there are many ways you can easily – and cost effectively – bring wellness into your next event. In fact, some wellness options (like walking instead of shuttling and lighter, meatless menus) can even save money. But for those wellness elements that do add to your budget, the return on the investment can actually pay for itself in terms of attendee engagement and productivity. A stimulated attendee is more likely to return to future events and even recommend it to other colleagues. In addition, marketing the event with a wellness theme can also increase attendance and contribute to its financial success.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate wellness into your event plan:

  1.  Start each day with an early morning yoga or Pilates class
  2.  Take short fitness breaks between sessions to help stimulate blood flow and re-energize meeting attendees
  3.  Create electronic versions of key takeaways – encouraging a clean, clutter-free work space
  4.  Whenever possible, encourage walking instead of shuttling
  5.  Take the meeting outdoors– fresh air can reawaken a group, resulting in creativity, inspiration and relaxation
  6.  Build menus with fresh, local and organic foods. Also offer meal options with less meat and more vegetables
  7.  Include nutrition information on menus and food labels to raise awareness of healthy eating
  8.  Offer chair massages during breaks
  9.  Send daily tweets, texts or emails to meeting attendees with a "healthy tip of the day"
  10.  Place health magazines and journals around the common break spaces

For planners, the good news is that destinations and venues around the world are making major investments in the areas of health and well-being.  In fact, the above considerations are often already included in available amenities and packages.  In the Dallas/Fort Worth area in particular, many hotels, venues and vendors offer unprecedented health and wellness options.  Facilities such as the Cooper Hotel & Conference Center (which is nestled in the heart of world renowned Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas), The Four Seasons Resort and Club and the Hilton Anatole, to name a few, have dedicated resources that offer turn-key, well-balanced and healthy options for meeting and events of all shapes and sizes.  For more information on these and other Dallas venues, visit www.visitdallas.com/meeting-planners or call our planning partners at 800-232-5527.