6 Reasons Shared Meeting Spaces Work

Here are 6 reasons you should consider utilizing shared meeting spaces for your next corporate meeting or event.

Posted on Oct 2, 2018

Shared or corporate meeting spaces provide the flexibility and cost-effective solutions that more and more planners crave. With methodical space design and full-service business centers, these off-premise venues are ideal for the smaller and mid-sized meetings and corporate events. Below are 6 reasons you should consider utilizing shared meeting spaces.

It's all included. The majority of corporate meeting spaces or training centers –whose main focus is corporate gatherings – include all of the essential meeting tools such as Wi-Fi, office supplies, whiteboards, AV equipment, etc. This not only simplifies the planning, but might also be more affordable than a traditional à la carte offering.

Dedicated service. Hotels focus on selling room nights and executing large-scale catered events - not servicing smaller, lightly catered meetings and retreats. Shared meeting or workspace business centers typically provide a dedicated customer service representative whose sole job is to ensure that the small details of every meeting are being executed flawlessly. This focused service creates a very different experience not just for the planner, but the participants as well.

Extra support. As hotels are focused on accommodating overnight guests and large event patrons, they often have very little support staff geared toward business meetings. On the other hand, flexible meeting spaces already have the infrastructure in place to provide administrative services, including note taking during meetings, printing, binding, and other ancillary services that are standard in a well-resourced business center.

Designed for meetings. Instead of modular multi-purpose spaces, shared meeting spaces are designed for one thing: corporate gatherings. In addition to furniture and room décor that facilitate successful collaboration, communication and engagement, these meeting spaces typically provide an abundance of natural light – a well-known ingredient to enhancing attention and productivity. Unlike hotels, whose meeting room space is maximized at the expense of external windows, shared meeting spaces are often designed to bring daylight into the meeting environment.

Ease of reservation. While it might be simple to book a hotel room online for the night, booking a meeting or conference space typically involves numerous points of contact and extensive contracts. In comparison, software like eVenues delivers a simple and seamless experience for those shopping, booking and paying for a meeting space online. In addition to online options, organizations such as VisitDallas offer invaluable support and resources for planning meetings of all shapes and sizes.

Smaller minimums. With less overhead and fewer fixed costs than a hotel or large convention center, shared meeting spaces are much more nimble and can accommodate meetings of 20 people or less in an economical and price-competitive fashion.

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