Top 8 Reasons Why CVBs are a Planner's Best Friend

Talk to the experts to plan an engaging and memorable event.

Posted on Oct 2, 2018

When navigating the site selection process, some planners ask themselves, "Are Convention and Visitor Bureaus still worth considering?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!" In fact, CVBs are not only helpful during the initial site selection, but they also provide tremendous value from planning straight through to execution.

While most planners are aware that CVBs exist, they often underestimate their full range of services. CVBs not only assist groups with traditional meeting prep, room-blocks, and venue selection, but many also partner with planners to ensure maximum attendee engagement and event attendance. The Dallas CVB is among those who offer full-service support through promotional materials, creative strategy, printing services and a wide range of other value-added extras.

CVBs are experts on what their destination has to offer, and most who work with the bureau bring years of experience in the hospitality and meeting planning industry.

Still not convinced? Here are top 8 reasons why a CVB should be your very first call when planning your next meeting or event:

  1. CVBs provide services for meetings of all sizes. Whether you need 5,000 room nights or only 10, your CVB can help you find the perfect providers. Many CVBs – including the Dallas CVB - also assist with events that don't include sleeping rooms.
  2. CVBs are your strategic partner – distributing information only to those venues appropriate for your group. There is a misconception that CVBs will send your RFP to all of their members. The Dallas CVB in particular works closely with planners to identify your unique goals and objectives in order to propose the ideal venue and provider solutions.
  3. Although CVBs are membership-driven, you can expect unbiased information and recommendations. CVBs aren't incented to promote any venue over another.  CVBs are there to fulfill your specific needs, not vendor quotas.
  4. CVBs are the ultimate one-stop shop. In addition to traditional venue support, they can also help you find off-site venues, transportation companies, party and event rentals, and other providers. The Dallas CVB website offers a robust directory of providers where planners can quickly find the solution that fits their specific needs.  If a planner needs more customized support, a Dallas planning partner is only a phone call away.
  5. CVBs' RFP distribution often delivers the best rates and availability – they may also suggest a property you hadn't thought of. As a bonus, CVBs can collect and organize proposals before forwarding them to you.
  6. CVBs are consummate experts on their city. They are intimately familiar with traditional hotel booking patterns, and when there are festivals, museum exhibits, entertainers or speakers in town that you may be able to include in your meeting. For example, if a speaker is already in town you may be able to get a reduced rate that does not include their travel expenses.
  7. CVBs can help meeting attendees maximize their free time through the creation of pre and post-conference activities, spouse tours, and hosting of special evening events. The Dallas CVB offers creative, customized one or multi-day itineraries that are inspired by local celebrities and sure to deliver an amazing experience every time!
  8. And best of all…CVB support is completely free! Michael Gehrisch, president of the International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus (IACVB), points out, "Convention bureaus are both a hotel's and a meeting planner's best friend. They don't charge either one, but book business for the hotel without a fee and provide the same service, for free, to planners." Primarily funded through hotel occupancy taxes and membership fees, CVBs are structured to deliver unparalleled value to planners without adding one cent to their budget. Whoever said, "nothing good ever comes free," has obviously never worked with a CVB!

The Dallas CVB is here to ensure that your next meeting or event is a BIG success! Be sure to check out our new website to explore the amazing things Dallas Delivers!