Breaking Out of the Box with Corporate Event Locations

Thinking differently when it comes to off-site meeting locations has its perks.

Posted on Sep 25, 2019 By Jana Hofer

While conference centers, expo halls, ballrooms and restaurants are staples of corporate event planning, they can only offer so much to planners and attendees in terms of ambiance, interest, and fun. Predictability in events can lead to disinterest in events and declining results, which is why breaking out of traditional venue choices can offer opportunities to do business more effectively.


Kid-Friendly Fun

Don't be afraid of kid or family-friendly locations for corporate meetings. Creativity and problem solving are tied to mood and having fun in unexpected ways can lead to higher engagement, out of the box thinking and business solutions. Consider theme parks, aquariums and zoos for meeting spaces that will let your attendees absorb information or handle breakouts with child-like glee and grown-up ideas.


Get Outside

Getting in touch with nature can have a calming effect. Gardens, parks and locations like the Dallas Arboretum offer meeting spaces set in beautiful surroundings that will leave your attendees relaxed and open to new ideas and concepts. If nature isn't the right fit for your corporate event, consider transforming a parking lot or top level of a parking garage into your own food park with food trucks for a fun and different session.


Think Big

Need a ballroom-sized room, but tired of hotels? Airplane hangars are great spaces to hold a crowd while offering something new and different. Leave the doors open and let attendees watch planes take off and land while mingling. Another option is an empty building or warehouse with a rich history, which are also incredibly engaging locations.


Consider the Arts

Culture, elegance, history. You can find it all and more at museums, galleries, and art schools. And since creativity begets creativity, attendees will feel inspired in their surroundings. Art walks, scavenger hunts or hands-on activities can be great team-building opportunities, while open spaces can be perfect locations for dinners, presentations and mixers.