Dallas is a Dining Destination

Meet in Dallas – we have all your dining needs covered!

Posted on Sep 17, 2019 By Ashley Turner

The Dallas dining scene is rapidly growing with tons of restaurant openings more often than we can keep up. So much so that Bon Appetit recently named Dallas as its 2019 Restaurant City of the Year!

Here's a snippet from the article: "It's not just one person or one thing that's driving the change, but rather Dallas' community of highly ambitious chefs, hailing from all different backgrounds, working independently and yet with a palpable sense of synchronicity. These chefs are ditching the large-scale restaurant group models of yesteryear and instead forging their own paths, creating highly specific, highly personal spaces that feel more like stepping directly into said chef's brain."

It's really no surprise to us to receive this recognition. We've been changing up the dining scene for years from our celebrity chefs, like Chad Houser of Café Momentum – a New-American restaurant who's mission is to train at-risk youth to learn culinary skills; or Chef Dean Fearing, who's namesake restaurant, Fearing's, offers seven unique dining experiences inside the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel; and Kent Rathbun of Imoto – an Asian-inspired restaurant with a traditional sushi bar, sake pairings and cocktails.

And, we're lucky to have various neighborhoods that really capture the diversity of Dallas' food scene. Take the chic Bishop Arts District who has recently added several new dining options, including four new restaurants from restaurant group Exxir Hospitality, offering everything from European cuisine to plant-based cocktails. Or, Trinity Groves – a West Dallas dining conglomerate of more than a dozen restaurants serving everything from fine Italian to Asian-fusion dishes.  To top it off, here's a list of 21 new restaurants that opened throughout Dallas just this past summer.

So, don't sleep on Dallas as a dining destination – we have all your needs and more.