Why you should host your next Medical Meeting in Dallas

Find out how Dallas is leading the way in medical research and innovation.

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 By Ashley Turner

You might be surprised to know Dallas' innovative techniques and advanced research in the healthcare industry make it a premier location for hosting medical meetings. We have consistently expanded the possibilities of health care through education and dedication to research, and we're only getting started.

The Dallas Medical District is one of the most modern medical districts in the country and has had significant growth in the last decade, leading the charge in advancing medical technology. There are several unique qualities that make Dallas stand out. For one, UT Southwestern has six Nobel Laureates in the medical school, four of whom are active faculty currently practicing and doing research in the institution.

Also, Dallas has now become known for brain health technology with the help of The Center of BrainHealth at University of Texas at Dallas. Virtual reality and other innovative techniques are being used to not just to diagnose disease but to see if the brain is getting better. Not to mention the dozens of other research facilities and hospitals specializing in innovated practices in cardiovascular disease, cancer and community-based delivery.

Dallas healthcare by the numbers:

  • 31 major hospitals including, UT Southwestern Medical District, Children's Medical Center Dallas, Parkland Memorial Hospital, The Center of BrainHealth at Uniersity of Texas at Dallas, The Cooper Institute and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
  • 331,000 employed in the health care industry  
  • $7.6 billion North Texas planned hospital construction
  • 50,000 students have participated in the cognitive training program – Center for BrainHealth, University of Texas at Dallas

If you want to learn more about the latest advancements in health research, come to Dallas! As our community continues to grow, we want you at the center of it all. For more information about medical meetings, visit our website.