Events that Make the Most of Mobile

With so much possibility at our fingertips, are event planners making mobile work for them?

Posted on Feb 25, 2020 By Jana Hofer

Ninety-six percent of Americans use mobile devices daily. We check in, check out, pay bills, video chat, post photos, create connections, make friends, gather information - all from the palm of our hands. And with so much possibility, the real question for event planners is; are you making mobile work for you? 

Plan Smarter, Not Harder

Event management requires focus, organization, and communication, and mobile technology can support and streamline all aspects of the job. 

Mobile apps that allow team members to communicate and stay organized are invaluable from pre-event planning through post-event follow-up. Digital bulletin boards and project templates are now real-time databases where team members can upload notes and files, managers can assign tasks to specific individuals, and step-by-step checklists can ensure projects stay on track. Complete with alerts and group chats, these applications ensure updates and changes are communicated instantly, keeping an entire team on the same page and moving forward no matter what setbacks may arise. 


Make it Fast and Effective

Web-based seating tools, online registration, and check-in mobile solutions can not only make an attendee's experience seamless and instant, it can be much more cost effective than hiring and training additional staff members. 

Adding a chatbot to an event app is also a cost-saver. Instead of staffing a "Help" booth, chatbots give attendees instant access to answers for common questions or concerns, without ever leaving their seat. And even better, chatbots give planners real-time data that allows them to make changes and deliver a better experience on the spot.

Thanks to the hundreds (thousands!) of marketing, spam, work, and personal emails received each day, important event information can get lost or deleted, leading to attendee frustration and confusion. SMS however, is the perfect way to keep in touch with attendees. It increases the chance of messages being read and ensures everyone at your event feels comfortable and informed. 


Get Super Social

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, the list goes on and on. But now, more than ever, event planners are seeing opportunities to get social and make a big impact. Whether it is creating content, hyping an upcoming event, or engaging attendees, mobile tech is integral to tying into these influential social media channels. 

Live tweet a speaker, encourage attendee use of a hashtag, create a selfie booth, conduct "on the street" interviews, host giveaways, make funny or dynamic videos, or stream important presentations to generate lasting interest in event messages and content.