Sales Staff

Leadership Team

Photo of D. Bradley Kent

D. Bradley Kent Senior Vice President / Chief Sales Officer

Photo of Minnie Munoz

Minnie Munoz Vice President of Sales

Photo of Michael Rudowski

Michael Rudowski Vice President of Research & Insights

Client Services

Photo of Heather Walker, CMP

Heather Walker, CMP Vice President of Client Services

Photo of Autumn Childs-Collins

Autumn Childs-Collins Senior Manager of Client Services

Photo of Paige Nelson

Paige Nelson Client Services Manager

Sales Team

Photo of Deborah Burleson

Deborah Burleson Director, National Accounts

Photo of Gayla Fussell

Gayla Fussell Director, National Accounts

Photo of Kevin P. Owens

Kevin P. Owens Director, National Accounts

Photo of Jennifer Bumbalo

Jennifer Bumbalo Regional Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic

Photo of Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion Regional Director of Sales - Western

Photo of Nora Gorman

Nora Gorman Regional Director of Sales, Midwest

Photo of Courtney McConnell

Courtney McConnell Regional Director of Sales, Mid Atlantic/Northeast

Photo of Vanessa Stewart

Vanessa Stewart Regional Director of Sales, Texas

Photo of Maylee Carr

Maylee Carr Senior Sales Manager

Photo of Jana Hofer

Jana Hofer Senior Sales Manager Speciality Markets

Photo of Melissa Feith

Melissa Feith Sales Manager

Photo of Nadine Taylor

Nadine Taylor Sales Manager

Sales Operations

Photo of Sandy Galletta

Sandy Galletta Director of Sales Operations

Photo of Vicky Sosa

Vicky Sosa Event Manager

Photo of Daniel Castellanos

Daniel Castellanos Sales Site Manager

Photo of Ayron Leisure

Ayron Leisure Sales Coordinator

Photo of Sheresa Drake

Sheresa Drake Sales Administrative Assistant

Photo of Erica Trull

Erica Trull Sales Coordinator

Research & Information Technology

Photo of Michaela Botts

Michaela Botts CRM Analyst