The Edge Of Texas



Texas has long been a landscape of ambition and ideas. Texans don't just explore boundaries. We push them everywhere we find them – business, arts, science, entertainment, food, and more. Find out how Texans are shaping the future at The Edge of Texas, a weekend-long celebration of people, ideas, and subjects that refuse to accept boundaries. Led by Texas Monthly editors, The Edge of Texas will showcase the big thinking and bold stories on our horizons.

Pick and choose when and where to join us – at Friday's kickoff, with cocktails, food, and music; Saturday's day-long event, where Texas thought leaders showcase their stories and ideas on two stages; or Saturday night's futuristic frontier concert an iconic Texas dance hall, complete with open-flame cooking by some of the foremost chefs in Texas.

The Edge of Texas weekend will change what you know about Texas and get you thinking about the future inside our borders and our impact on the world.