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State Fair Favorites

Fairgoers tell us their can't-miss favorites

Diana Trujillo
Posted on Sep 30, 2016

Editor's note: This post was updated on Tuesday, Oct. 11 to reflect the feedback from our readers. 

There is something for everyone to love at the State Fair of Texas. Plenty of sights, sips and savory bites.  We asked some fairgoers to tell us their memorable moments. 


Frank, 49 years old, East Coast transplant: The car show is a must see for me every year and of course my one and only corny dog of the year is consumed at the Fair. Fletchers is my first stop. Then, the car show. After that, it straight to the pig races.  I try to avoid the fried food, but this year I tried the fried PBJ and I think it is a must taste item. Oh, and I always take Dart from Mockingbird Station… door to door in about 15 minutes and no parking frustrations!


Jordan, 7 years old, life-long fairgoer: It's all about the dog shows and the funnel cakes! 


John, 64 years old, car enthusiast: I really like the Chevy Ride and Drive event. Every year I like to test drive the latest Corvette – I've done it three years in a row now and I have the T-shirts to prove it. (You get one free if you drive a car, and two shirts if you drive three!)


Stephanie, 33 years old, wine connoisseur: I look forward to the delicious drinks at the State Fair every year. The Wine Garden is great to taste Texas wines, but it's also just an awesome place to relax. It's tucked away under big oak trees and there is usually live jazz – I love to take a break with a sip of wine there. One of my favorite drink vendors is in the Midway. There is a stand selling authentic agua frescas – sweetened, fruit-flavored waters. There are giant jars filled with watermelon and cucumber and mango waters and I love them all. It's so hard to decide. They're always so refreshing.


Kristiana, 28 years old, five-year fairgoer: Riding the Texas Star Ferris Wheel is a must for me. My husband proposed to me at the fair five years ago while we were at the top and we've ridden it every year since. It's kind of like an anniversary tradition. There are also amazing views of Fair Park and the city from up there. It's a great spot for pictures! 


Bridget, 61 years old, three-time fairgoer: People often forget about the Creative Arts aspect of the fair, and it's one of my favorite areas because it changes every year. There is art, needlework, quilting and all sorts of crafting on display. But the absolute best is the canning. You don't think a jar of pickles can be exciting…you're wrong! With all of the beautiful colors and artful arrangement, the canned fruits and vegetables are works of art in themselves. There is also a celebrity chef kitchen located in the Creative Arts building. There are cooking demos daily, and then you get to taste the food!


Aaron, 36 years old, animal lover: The petting zoo is my family's favorite, and we cannot visit the fair without stopping in. I love that it's included in your fair admission, and there are great animals for the kids to interact with – giraffes and zebras and all of the traditional barnyard animals. But here's a tip, the animals are hungriest earlier in the day, so get there before they're too stuffed to eat feed from the kiddos.


Halle, 10 years old, thrill seeker: I don't ever want to leave the Midway! Mom gives me four sheets of tickets and I spend them all on rides. It's my favorite part of the fair and I look forward to it every year. I have my favorite rides – the Tornado is one – and then I can't wait to see which new ones they add.