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10 Things to do along the Trinity River

Explore everything the Trinity has to offer.

Posted on Aug 14, 2018 By Ashley Turner

Let's start with the facts: the Trinity River stretches 710 miles (making it the longest river contained within a single state!), starting in the northern tip of Texas before making its way down to the Gulf Coast. It's made up of four branches, with two of those branches making their way into the Dallas area. If you haven't explored all the fun things to do, you're in for a sweet surprise. From hiking and biking trails and plenty of outdoor adventures, there's so much to see and do along this amazing natural resource in the Trinity River Corridor.

1. Go for a hike through the trails at the Trinity River Audubon Center. Open every day of the week, the Audubon Center lets you explore five miles of trails and 120 acres on your adventure.  Pack a lunch to enjoy on the picnic grounds within sight of the Trinity River. 

2. Take your picture on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge from the Felix H. Lozada, Sr. Gateway, or walk to the Ronald Kirk Bridge to get a shot of the iconic arch and Dallas skyline.

3. Get your workout on at the Ronald Kirk Bridge. Come ready to sweat and enjoy free parking, yoga, Camp Gladiator Boot Camp, Zumba and salsa classes that are offered free daily.

4. Eat at Trinity GrovesSylvan 30 or the Belmont Hotel. Dine at one of the many restaurants offered in West Dallas, including Tex-Mex, Italian and vegan options. There's something for every craving!

5. Get the best views of the Dallas skyline from the Trinity Overlook. It's the perfect spot for a photo to enter into the 2019 Trinity River Photo Contest.

6. Bike or hike on the Trinity Skyline Trail. The trail stretches 4.6 miles in the Dallas Floodway with routes along the Trinity River. It's a place of wonder, with 30-foot levees, fields of wildflowers and the glimpse of native and migrating birds.

7. Hike through the Texas Buckeye Trail and see the beautiful buckeye trees at the end of this one mile trail. The trees bloom mid-March to April, so go back again in the spring to see the blooms!

8. Have a picnic outing at the Pavilion and Amphitheater at Moore Park The park features an amphitheater, walking trails, a bridge over Cedar Creek, as well as baseball, soccer and tennis fields to play on.

9. Head to the Trinity Forest Trails – a 9-mile hike and bike loop in the Great Trinity Forest. Travel to this trail path and enjoy the abundance of tree varieties along the way.

10. Experience a bird watcher's paradise at the Lower Chain of Wetlands. This spot feature four wetland ponds and 75 acres to check-out the native plant and bird species.

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