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Authentic Asian Eats

Looking for a taste of Asia? Check out these eight great spots from seafood to sweet treats you can't miss in Carrollton – just a short drive Northwest of Dallas.

Rosa Oh
Posted on May 17, 2018

Take a jaunt to Old Denton Road in Carrollton and you'll be transported to a sea of bustling Asian restaurants and stores. Plan to spend your afternoon exploring and tasting various authentic Asian cuisines from Korean to Japanese and more.

1. 85 °C Bakery Cafe

This Taiwanese coffee shop and self-serve bakery is perfect for getting your pastry and caffeine fix. Grab a tray and choose from more than 50 varieties of sweet and savory pastries baked hourly by in-house chefs. The bakery gets its name from its signature cup of java, served at 85 degrees Celsius (that's 185 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimal flavor.

2. Shabro Hot Pot Shabu Shabu

Typically hot pots are shared but at Shabro Hot Pot Shabu Shabu, you're the chef. Come hungry to the all-you-can-eat personalized and customizable dining experience with endless flavor combinations. Start with choosing your soup broth and head over to the bar to grab ingredients from seafood to fresh vegetables to dumplings you'll add into your broth. Don't forget to stop by the sauce bar to dip your ingredients for a savory or spicy kick to compliment the favors of your hot pot.

3. Gangnam Sushi House

If you're a sushi connoisseur and looking for a culinary plunge, head over to Gangnam Sushi House where some of their exotic items are imported from Korea. From abalone to sea cucumbers, these delicacies are flown in fresh every week to expand your adventurous palette.

4. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

If you're ever curious about what menu items actually look like before you order, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is a great place to go without the guessing. They offer an additive-free selection of sushi, rolls, and noodles that are automated on a revolving belt to tantalize your curiosity and hunger. Grab your favorite as it comes around or order from the screens at each table. Leave room for something sweet at the end – the soy milk donuts with ice cream are good enough to try twice.

5. Dan Sung Sa

If you're looking for late night nibbles and cocktails, head to Dan Sung Sa for some generous, shareable Korean comfort food. This cozy spot is a great place to have a chill night out enjoying some spicy Korean bar food classics.

6. LA Burger

LA Burger serves up some classic American fare but with some Seoul. From their K Town signature burger to their Seoul Dog, this joint incorporates classic Korean flavors of kimchi (spicy cabbage) and bulgogi (marinated beef) into some of their unique offerings. There are five convenient locations in Dallas so you can get your Seoul fix.

7. Omi Korean Grill & Bar

Omi is a haven for hungry carnivores. If you're looking to feast on some Korean BBQ, pull up a seat and order to your heart's content of marinated beef to pork slices that you can cook to perfection yourself from a built-in grill on your table. Omi also offers the unique option of cooking your choice of meats on top of a kettle cover accompanied by vegetables.

8.  Café Mozart Bakery

Artistically designed custom cakes topped with fruit and pastries filled with sweet red bean or pumpkin puree, Café Mozart Bakery offers freshly baked treats that won't disappoint. From green tea to a lightly whipped mocha cake that's light and not super sweet, you'll want to try them all. It's a perfect bakery to order your next birthday cake or grab an individual slice for an afternoon treat that's not too heavy.


Photo credit: Dan Sung Sa