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8 Places to Eat Dumplings in Dallas

From Chinese to Thai, we listed some of the tastiest morsels in Dallas.

Rosa Oh
Posted on Oct 3, 2018

We love the variety of pot stickers, dumplings and gyozas available in Dallas. And luckily for us, the uniquely wrapped comfort food from various Asian countries, are easy to find no matter where you are in the city. Whether you like them crispy, boiled or steamed, these nicely packaged favorites are something you need to savor today.

 1. Royal China Restaurant

Royal China Restaurant in North Dallas has been a mainstay in Dallas that is still family owned and operated. Their popular dumpling bar is all about handmade and made-to-order dishes. The dumpling wrappers come in various colors, incorporating fresh juice extract that add a pop of color. From shrimp to vegetables like jicama, you'll want to sample them all.


2. Tanoshii Ramen

Tanoshii Ramen in Deep Ellum is known for their street food ramen but the dumpling is something you'll want to try. These handmade dumplings are made daily, filled with pork and shrimp or vegetables and served with a side of a homemade sauce. Add them to your ramen or on the side, fried or steamed.


3. Monkey King Noodle

Monkey King Noodle brings the traditional northern Chinese street food flavors to Deep Ellum. Their soup dumplings start with a hand-rolled wrapper that's filled with a savory burst of broth and meaty center. Monkey King serves them with a tasty ginger-infused black vinegar that is the perfect complement.


4. Hello Dumpling

Hello, savory dumpling! Head over to Hello Dumpling for some traditional dumplings that are served fresh and fast. These tasty bites are traditional Beijing street food that you can experience in East Dallas. It's a perfect snack to take to White Rock Lake.


5. New York Bakery

New York Bagel & Bakery is tucked in the shopping center near Komart in North Dallas. Walk through the quaint bakery to find a collection of Korean desserts and wonderfully pre-packaged steamed dumplings. These delectable mounts are not your typical shaped dumplings; they are filled with a mixture of traditional ingredients like kimchi, tofu, pork and vegetables that are great for your on-the-go adventure.


6. Bangkok City Restaurant

Bangkok City Restaurant located in East Dallas has been a local favorite since 1992, serving traditional Thai cuisine. Their steamed dumplings are little packages of a savory blend of pork, shrimp and a subtle crunch of water chestnut cupped in a thin dough wrapper. The sweet and spicy soy sauce is the perfect accompaniment to bring out multiple flavors.


7. DaLat Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar

If you're looking for late night Asian eats, head over to DaLat Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar near the Knox/Henderson area. They serve handmade pot stickers with a perfect blend of vegetables and pork. These pan-fried delicious morsels are accompanied by a sweet lemongrass soy sauce to satisfy your anytime craving until 2 a.m.


8. Cris and John Vietnamese Street Food

Growing up in Vietnam, John brings his passion and traditional palate with a twist to North Dallas at his namesake restaurant. Typically, restaurants offer dumplings that are filled with a mixture of meat, vegetables, and spices with little options for vegetarians. If you're looking for an alternative, Cris and John Vietnamese Street Food serve dumplings filled with a plant-based protein with your choice of steamed or fried.